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Dr. Kevin Campbell


License #PSY17864


San Francisco & Pacifica, California - Online Counseling (415) 505-6821

Is Therapy Right for You?

Do you experience any of the following:

  • Do you sabotage yourself or behave in ways that lead to your relationships ending or being distant and unfulfilled? 
  • Do you under-perform or under-utilize your potential at work and in life in general?
  • Is your creativity blocked?
  • Are you unable to grieve your losses and move forward?
  • Do anxiety and depression plague you?

If so, then I may be able to help you.

The forms of therapy I use are Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  They are based upon forty years of clinical observation and research designed to determine the most effective and efficient ways to rapidly implement change in therapy. 

Due to the focused and structured nature of my therapy approach, my patients often tell me that we have accomplished more in our first few sessions than they have in years of previous psychotherapy.  My therapy approach is collaborative and I take an active and involved position during the sessions.  I am both compassionate and challenging while encouraging you to take a new look at old patterns so that you can heal from past wounds and live your life more fully.

Postponing psychotherapy does not just delay healing, it can lead to even more wounds as time goes by.  Unresolved issues can make current and future hurts more painful and more wounding than they need to be.  My approach is designed to help you not just heal from past hurt, but help you be more resilient to present and future emotional hurt.  Although hurt and loss can come randomly, and sometimes unpredictability in life, we can grow from these experiences if we grieve fully and allow the body’s natural, self-righting processes to heal us.


Initial Consultation: $210. Sliding scale is available based on need

Individual Therapy: $200 per 60 minute session. Sliding scale is available based on need (rates are different for extended or block sessions)

Online Counseling

I offer Online Counseling sessions for people who need more flexible sessions times, are in other parts of the world, or for any reason are not able to come to my office in person.

Online Counseling

Block therapy and extended sessions

Although my approach is effective using a standard 45-minute session, it is best conducted in 90-minute sessions.  Oftentimes, 3-hour block sessions can be most effective to address core issues.  Longer block sessions can also be beneficial if your schedule does not allow you to schedule sessions weekly.  We can discuss the best approach for you based on your situation.  

Expat counseling

I specialize in providing online counseling sessions to expats who have found themselves isolated, depressed and/or anxious as they adjust to a different culture in another part of the world. In general, I also provide online counseling sessions for a wide range of concerns  

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